Swag That Shit (Mixtape)

by Knox


Knox Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Swag That Shit
I get, every single little bit of caffiene in my system
do a passionate fist pump
to skrillex track after kackin' some dim sum
then I back flip while rappin' and piss drunk
It's called bein fantastic a wishbone snapped
on its own when I roamed past it
Go so hard all night, when i try to bone dance I go flaccid gimme a test I won't pass it, flat out, knowledge I don't grasp it. Bat out of hell, I own massive. I pirated god uploaded to the internet start a religion and pwned masses. I own glasses so I can get pussy, ego death was a closed casket
I've grown past it. Fuck that shit, insecurity is for faggots. I won't have it. Swag that shit.

Fuck corporations! I drink starbucks
Hitchhike on other peoples bikes cuz my car does
not exist
but errybody know dat
Hoodrats aksin' me where the muthafuckin' flows at
then we smoke crack after we shoot krok,
go to ground and build a mosque with barack
obama wackaflocka flame
I kick it like a soccer game
Speak n spell a talkin game
everydays a walk of shame
I fuck it like a soccer mom
I bust it like the condoms on
whatever tip the shamans on
like cosplay at the comicon
with sailor moon and rikku
and a million people
Heart shaped nipples, tattooes
and I just wanna fuck you but I'll
just act all real and deep
cuz I don't know how else
to make you think that I am still unique
I'm sick of all comparisons every time I'm rappin'

Swag that shit